Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here is a bit of Cosmo cuteness. I created it for ACOT's May crop, and truly made this layout in about 40 minutes. The challenge was to use the word "cute" in the title. Obviously I have had this picture of Abby for 6+ years - her outfit has adorable little chicks on it, and I have always wanted to scrap it with this older Cosmo line and the die-cut that reads "innocent" with the chicks in the background.
I covered a Magistical Memories flower with mod podge, then a small print floral for a calico effect. If you squish the paper on there while it is wet (pardon the technical term), you will get some wrinkles and the flower looks like fabric IRL.
A few other photos to share. I folded a ribbon strip and stapled it, to mimic ribbon. Also, the crop was almost over and I was in a super hurry. The staple was there, I wanted folds, did not have time to carefully pleat and glue - staples worked, staples got it done in under a minute! Fortunately I have a long neck stapler obtained at an office sale quite some time ago. I just found a new and fun purpose for it!
To add a bit more interest to the die-cut letters I traced the outer edges with a brown Sharpe, and then lifted a few of them off with 3-D foam adhesive.
I hope you got some ideas. Followers, I admit, since being on the BoBunny design team I rarely scrap with any other product. Rarely do I have time to play with my old Cosmo Cricket stash. Since I post few and far on this site nowadays, I am considering deleting this blog. But then I see "22 followers" and I feel obligated to you to keep it up if you are using anything I have shared as a reference. Please comment - would you mind if I deleted it or are you actually finding this blog helpful? I share just about everything I do at my regular creative blog, and although it is primarily BoBunny, a Cosmo project would be added as I do one. If I get zero comments here in a month, this blog is gone. Help me decide. Thanks.

Rita S.