Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrating this blog with a giveaway!

It's all put together - pretty much. There is always some fine tuning to be done, but in the past 10 days or so I have added a lot of content to this new blog in order to showcase my Cosmo Cricket creations. Now, how does anyone find this, unless they frequented my other blog?

I began this post on June 23 with this thread, explaining why I decided to make a Cosmo Cricket dedicated blog.

Yesterday I patted myself on the back for learning how to create widgets with clickable images for MBs, to direct people here and to Colorfully Creating. I know one good way to introduce a site is to have a giveaway.

This morning I went to the LSS and picked up an Early Bird crafting kit to giveaway. I also have a package of Get Happy ribbons, and a third prize pack containing Buck-Naked Alpha Buttons with Mr. Campy rub-ons.
Package #1 (U.S. and Canada only)

Package #2

Package #3

Because of the large package postage, the Early Bird Crafting kit is eligible for residents of the U.S. and Canada. However, everyone is eligible to play along for the ribbon package, as well as the chipboard alpha with rub-ons.

All I am asking you to do, is scroll through the many projects I have posted here and leave a comment on the thread sharing the project you like most. No need to post back here! I will be going through all the threads to add comments to the random drawing. Be sure to check the bottom and click on "older posts" for all posts created in June. For the card thread, just tell me which card is your favorite.

Posts up to midnight on July 15 are eligible for the drawing. I know by then the Cosmo Cricket Design Team will have long been announced - sounds like they are flying through those entries! Whatever the outcome, and I am certainly not expecting this blog to put me there, I plan to continue creating with one of my favorite manufacturing lines and sharing projects with you. I hope you will subscribe to the feed that allows you to receive updates of when I share a new project. Good luck to you if you tried out for the team as well, and good luck in the giveaway, and thanks for finding Cosmo Cricket Creations!

Be sure to tell me who you are, with contact info (it's difficult to track down anonymous participants!) - if you have a blogger account and are logged in it automatically links me to you.

Now I need to stock up on dark chocolate to deal with the butterflies, knowing Julie and the CC gang are so close to narrowing down the field.


  1. tp://
    I have posted your blogs on this site

  2. Wow what a great surprise when I arrived here wonderful blog and great work I'm seeing here tfs. Will be back real soon.

  3. Hey Rita! You ARE a Cosmo Cricket goddess!!! OMG!!! It's hard to pic a fave! I LOVE the Rock Climbing One, Summer 03, and the Conversation Starter. I actually love them all, but you asked us to pick!

    btw - don't include me in your contest -- i just won a kit on another site - no need to be greedy!

  4. oh yea - Little Miss Sunshine is my number one fave!

  5. I just love the Puppy Love l/o!! So sweet!

    Great give away!! Thx!

  6. Lovin' the Cosmo blog Rita!

    All you work in Fantastic! Best of luck with call-you know I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  7. Good Luck Rita! Your work is beautiful.

  8. Rita, I just discovered you on 2p's. Ilove your style. I had to go through and look at all your posted lo's. I love all the layering of patterns and your use of circles. I bookmarked you. Thx for the inspiration. Shari

  9. A great blog idea! All of CC is great and love seeing all of your work!

  10. Rita...your work is just awe inspiring! How can you ask me to name one or two of my faves?! I will though since I love that Early Bird kit!LOL I think your Early Bird layout is adorable..the circle photos are perfect touches and that Taste Tester layout is the sweetest! Thanks Rita!