Monday, June 29, 2009

Girl Friday

Girl Friday is a versatile line. It is beautiful to use with sweet photos of our daughter blowing bubbles in her Easter dress.

Girl Friday also lends itself to a fun layout - this one about me (and this insane passion of mine to create daily - every day!)

Cosmo's retail strip inspired this grouping of "embellishments" on my page. I love the shape of their logo and cut it out. I then began looking through my garbage, etc. to see what other labels I might glean.

Finally, I just had fun in Photoshop with this photo - lovin' the wild look with a Magistical Memories tiara.


  1. Your "bubbles" LO is gorgeous!

  2. What a fun scrapper you are! Your l/o's are so eyecatching!! :)

  3. Very cute - I love the strips at the bottom of Cosmo paper also, my favorite is from the boy line 'more trouble this way'. I couldn't pass that up!