Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Treat Boxes

Want to make really fast treat boxes for a holiday, wedding reception and more? Take advantage of the die-cut systems (often Accu-Cut) offered by your local scrapbook store. You can use two-sided papers like Cosmo Cricket, and in minutes have a few boxes, or with a day rental (usually very inexpense, around $3-5) you could literally have 100s done.

A tip is to use prints that work well with the three dimensional design you have chosen. Because the boxes are small, smaller print patterns are going to look great! Here are some examples of what I call "Boo" boxes.

Initially I created a half dozen boxes. It was rather fun to dig through my stash and find old product that was perfect to "spell" boo. The personal challenge was to see how many ways I could do it. (LOL)

On this example I used little letter stickers that I have had for years. My greatest "feat" for this box was sketching out a crow, using the paper design as inspiration, and cutting it out as an embellishment.

For the next box I simply stamped BOO and used my glaze pen out line the letters and create some drippy goulishness.

This one below, I admit, is my favorite. I created a spider using Cloud 9 Rain Dots on a Christmas layout (it may sound odd, but you'd have to see and read the layout to understand)- anyhow, it turned out so cool and received so many comments that I had to duplicate it for a Halloween project. Here, the spider hangs down on its "silvery web" - a bit of inspiration from a book in our daughter's room. (LOL)

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  1. This is my favorite project. I love the idea and can see changing the papers and using them for birthdays, teacher gifts or other holidays. I also love that you have included so many projects done with lines other than the most current ones. I love Cosmo Cricket and have a nice stash that includes these older papers.